Without effective execution, no business strategy can succeed.

Do you find yourself working hard but not making real progress in your business or constantly procrastinating those high priority tasks?

Or do you find yourself too busy being busy and not getting your most-most important work done on time... If yes, then something needs to change before it’s too late.

The truth is, life is complex and relying solely on your will power or trying to be disciplined is not going to be helpful. What you can do is learn a better system for dealing with business & life's complexities so you can really GET THINGS DONE!

Bring that execution factor with

The Get10XDone Framework

Execution is "the missing link between aspirations and results," and as such, making it happen is the business owner's most important job and Get 10X Done framework gets goals executed faster.

Unlike other business coaching which focuses on processes or checklists... Get 10X Done a proprietory step-by-step framework for driving ten times more results in any area of business or life by going into the roots of the problem.

Rajiv’s Get 10X Done Framework is for anyone looking to transform themselves from a “dreamer” to a “doer” and will make you feel like you have an execution genie by your side.

— Akshar Yadav, Marketing Strategist & Creator of Get Overbooked framework

Since last two decades hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs have benefited from this life-changing framework. Those who have learnt and applied this framework, report the following...

Benefits —

Goal Achievement

You will achieve goals faster than ever before

You Will Gain

You will see a significant increase in sales & profits

More Free Time

You will get much more done in less time

Aligned Energies

Well-coordinated and goal oriented team.

Happy Stakeholders

Your customers & team will be highly satisfied

Everytime, On Time

Timely Work Completion with Good Quality

Rajiv's coaching helped us achieve 50% growth year on year. He is a super specialist at getting things done. Our strong and stable business has the signature of his immense contribution.”
Satinder Chawla
(Director, Span Floors Pvt. Ltd.)
“In just less 3 months of Get 10X Done coaching from Rajiv we re-engineered our company successfully. We could reduce cost considerably and now we are on a steady growth path.”
Deepak Soni
(Serial Entrepreneur & Coach)

Meet Coach Rajiv Pasricha –

The Force Behind ‘Get 10X Done’

Rajiv Pasricha is a renowned Business Growth Consultant, a highly-respected Transformative Facilitator, and a seasoned entrepreneur with 28+ years of rich experience.

Alumni of the prestigious SRCC, New Delhi, he holds coaching, facilitating and hiring certifications from Franklin Covey India, Leadership Management Int. Inc., USA and Performia International, Sweden, respectively.

Over the course of his personal and professional life, Rajiv has faced and successfully overcome numerous obstacles that came in the way of achieving his goals. From battling nagging weight loss issues to working hard but failing to achieve an exponential and consistent growth in his income, Rajiv has seen it all.

However, the two things that have helped him come out of stagnation and move towards excellence are his never-say-die spirit and an unwavering quest to find a tried-and-tested framework to overcome every obstacle holding him back from achieving his true potential.

It was this search for excellence that enabled him to single-handedly devise and master the science of achieving more results with fewer efforts in the least amount of time which is the crux of the GET 10X DONE FRAMEWORK.

Rajiv now shares his unique super-power with other entrepreneurs, business heads, team leaders and anyone who is struggling to get more done in their lives.

His valuable experience in the fields of Consulting, Facilitation, Leadership and Team Coaching has helped hundreds of organisations meet their goals effectively, efficiently and effortlessly.

Book a 2 Hours One-to-One Session

Let Rajiv help you drive 10X growth in your business & personal life.

Fee: ₹1,18,000 (GST Included)

Rajiv is my secret growth weapon. His teaching helped me revive many big old clients. Listen to his ideas and implement his strategies to benefit in your business.”
Ashutosh Bhogra
(Director, KRC Real Estate)
“Post one year of Rajiv's training I could see a booming growth chart. Our sales has doubled since Rajiv has started coaching me and my team. Can't thank him enough.”
Amit Mittal
(Director, Shree System Pvt. Ltd.)